Admission test dates for ITI

Please check your test schedule from the lists given below

LIST 23-08-2021 AT 11 AM TO 12 PM

LIST 23-08-2021 AT 1-30 PM TO 2-30 PM

LIST 24-08-2021 AT 11 AM TO 12 PM

LIST 24-08-2021 AT 1-30 PM TO 2-30 PM

The test format will be Madhyamik level Physical Science, Mathematics and English multiple choice questions

Please note the following points:

1. All candidates should bring original Aadhaar Card as identification.

2. All candidates are expected to strictly observe the Covid protocols like wearing masks, sanitization, social distancing etc.

3. All candidates should report at the venue at least one hour before the start  of their test. 

4. Candidates Partha Das (Payment id.: MOJO1707B05A90552406) and Nabarun Mondal (Payment id.: MOJO1816S05D01249213) have made payments but not submitted forms; They are welcome to attend test on 24/8/2021 (1.30 to 2.30 pm slot) after filling up an offline form.