Admission Criteria & Eligibility

Admission Criteria

A. By Percentage of marks in qualifying Exam.

B. Written Test.

C. Interview

Eligibility Qualification for different Courses

Name of Trade under (NCVT) image Duration of Training image Eligibility Qualification
ELECTRICIAN image 4 (SEM) 2 YEARS image 10 TH
TURNER image 4 (SEM) 2 YEARS image 10 TH
WELDER image 2 (SEM) 1 YEARS image 10 TH
FITTER image 4 (SEM) 2 YEARS image 10 TH
PLUMBER image 2 (SEM) 1 YEARS image 10 TH
MMV image 4 (SEM) 2 YEARS image 10 TH

Rules and Regulations

Students pursuing courses under Ramakrishna Mission ITC, Narendrapur are expected to actively participate in different activities of the Ashrama. Disciplinary Committee of the Institute is empowered to take action on students related to all matters and award appropriate punishments on case to case basis. All students are expected to abide by rules and regulations applicable to students of educational institutions in West Bengal as per the Government guidelines. Some specific rules are also mentioned below:

1. Students must have at least 80% attendance in classes to be eligible to sit in final examinations to be conducted by the West Bengal State Council for Vocational Training (SCVT) after the completion of trade duration.
2. Morning assembly prayer is mandatory. Assembly starts at 10.15 am. In case the student reports for classes after the assembly, he will be marked absent for the 1st half.
3. No student will be given leave without submitting a leave application. The application should be signed by the parent/guardian (hostel warden in case of hostellers) of the student. Else the student will be deemed absent without permission and parents/ guardians will be called for.
4. In case a student is absent for more than three consecutive days without furnishing valid reasons, he will be admitted to regular classes only if accompanied by his parent/guardian.
5. Use of mobile phone is strictly prohibited in the campus.
6. The class schedule may extend up to 6.00 pm on certain days to accommodate mandatory classes in computers and extracurricular activities. The institute will function on six days a week schedule, i.e. from Monday to Saturday.
7. Two sets of uniform will be provided to each student. Any student attending classes without uniform will not be allowed in the class and marked absent.
8. Students must wear shoes while attending classes.
9. Apron is must for all workshop classes. Students should procure shoe and apron before the starting of classes.
10. All eligible students will appear in State Level Trade Test (SLTT)/National Level Trade Test (NLTT) at the end of course and the successful trainees will be awarded certificates from West Bengal State Council for Vocational Training/NCVT as per the decision of the government. The institution does not promise any particular trade AITT certificate to students, its commitment is only for SLTT certificate.
The successful candidates in SLTT exams are eligible to appear in the All India Trade Test (AITT) examinations as private candidate by applying to the Directorate of Industrial Training, West Bengal on individual basis on individual’s initiative.